Established in 2015


Our studio is simple, it provides a fun workspace and surroundings to be focused and visionary.


Too many website companies take advantage of their clients. They provide little insight into how online marketing works, and they overcharge for basic services that really should be free.

From claiming domain names for themselves, to charging massive fees if a customer ever wants to cancel services — some companies hold their clients hostage. We abhor this practice.

At Tinkering Owl we are extremely passionate about helping startups and small business owners succeed. We love sparking fresh ideas and casting vision into both new and existing businesses.

From phenomenal logos, to designing solid expert websites — the final product is always yours! We give our clients full control and ownership. Our heart is to build genuine trust with entreprenurs, startups, and small businesses who choose our solutions!

No Gimmicks — Ever.

Our mission is to provide support to startups and small business owners with premium solutions that bring their brand's reputation to the highest level, delivering real growth and success!

— Brian Morales
Owner / CEO

The Difference In The Industry


Genuine Raw Passion.

We’re a small group of creative designers with a love for we do! Creating websites, graphics and helping startups and small businesses get found online!

For over 10 years as entrepreneurs and freelancers, we’ve had the opportunity to work with clients all the way from China to Australia. Still, we keep our feet firmly grounded and develop long-term relationships whether our client is local or spanning the globe.

Experienced Design.

Creating a stunning mobile-focused website that presents your business to the world is our forte! But our modern, logo’s will breathe life into your brand!

With a clear expertise in websites, branding and search engine optimization — we have what it takes to get you the traffic you need to succeed!

Seeing our clients thrive — fuels us.

Competitive Pricing.

We offer affordable online solutions that bring your business a huge advantage. Whether you need a large or tiny website, we always consider your budget. We even offer bundled discounts when needing multple solutions.

Focused On Local.

As a small-business ourselves, we are passionate about helping local businesses thrive in their communities. Whether you’re an artist, musician, author or business owner, you have a story to tell — we’ll help you share it beautifully!


The crew passionate about bringing you success!
Brian Morales
Owner / Consulting / Design

A problem solver, passionate about helping others acheive their dreams.
Food: Million Dollar Spaghetti
Hobbies: Reading, Movies, Family-Fun
Pets: Legend (Dog)

Leah Morales
Financial Advisor / Visionary

Mother of two, passionate about friendships and good coffee.
Food: Brian’s Orange Chicken
Hobbies: Baking, Piano, Singing
Pets: Fish Aquarium

Jacquelynn vorasane
Creative Designer

Lover of coffee and traditional art. Enjoys creating and learning new skills.
Food: Shrimp Lo Mein
Hobbies: Gaming, YouTube, Music
Pets: Jax (Dog), Tanman (Cat)

Legend The Guardian
Security & Moral Support

Pure bred German Shorthair Pointer,
n elite hunting agent in a past life.
Food: Pedigree and Gravy Train
Hobbies: Chasing Rabbits, Air Flips
Pets: Crickets


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