Choosing the best possible domain name for your business website is an important decision that has long-lasting effects. It is similar to choosing a company name – it requires time, thought and consideration. It is the starting point of your entire online identity, and it can make or break your business. Here are 5 tips on choosing the perfect domain name for your business.

Choose a Reflection of Your Business

Your URL is often the first impression a user will get of your business. Make it count by choosing a domain name that reflects a core aspect of your business, like what it offers or what makes it special. Ideally, you will want your domain name to match your business name. Alternatively, if there is a specific product that you want to brand, choosing a domain around that product can be beneficial as well.

Unique Over Generic

Your domain name is more than just a URL; it will be your company’s brand. You want a name that’s unique, memorable and will stand out in people’s minds. While a generic term might be an accurate reflection of what your business does or sells, it also might not be very memorable either. For example, if your business grows and sells apples, the domain name “” might be accurate, but there is not much to differentiate your brand from any other website that talks about apples. A unique brand name can be very valuable for your business for many years to come. Just ask world-renowned companies like Anthem, Lego, and Moz – to name a few.

Keep It Short and Sweet

When selecting a domain name, simplicity is important. A short name is easier to remember and minimizes spelling mistakes. You do not want users to incorrectly type in your name and become frustrated, or worse, land on the wrong site. Select a domain name that is as concise as possible, and is very easy to type and spell. If you can not get your domain name down to one word, try adding a maximum of one or two words that help describe your company or brand. This is extremely useful if the extra word happens to be a primary keyword for your domain, which can help your site’s overall SEO in the long run.

Avoid Hyphens, Numbers, and Acronyms

Sometimes when you are going through the process of selecting a domain name, you will find that all of your ideas are already taken. It can be tempting to stick with your original idea and just add a number or a hyphen to the URL. However, numbers and hyphens cause confusion. People who hear your website address, for example, will not know if you are using an actual number in the address, or if it is spelled out. This can hurt your business because users may not be able to find your business, or may end up in the wrong place. Similarly, choosing an acronym for your domain name can seem tempting – especially if your business has a long name – but people do not intuitively think about searching for an organization’s acronym. This can make it difficult for people to find your site, and just as difficult for people to associate an acronym with your business.

Do Homework

Your domain name will be with you for a long time. Changing the domain of your business to something else, especially after it has been established, can be a difficult process. Take your time. Thoroughly research before making a final decision. Check to make sure the name you want to use is not trademarked or copyrighted by another company, which could result in legal issues down the road. Lastly, check social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to ensure the name is available on those platforms, too. This ensures that you do not buy a domain only to find out the name you want to market is already being used elsewhere by another company or organization.

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